Sweat Battery — Sweat, that would be wasted otherwise, is sublimated into power

Our DS Institute Sweat Battery is used in conjunction with the Mobile Sauna.

Sweat bathers were invited to donate their sweat to be the active ingredient in a working electrical battery used to charge cell phones so that participants could invite friends to join in. The ion transport solution in the battery is sweat, or released stress, which is still real (and holds its charge) but now is externalized and no longer doing damage inside the body and mind.

In addition to producing and actual charge and thinking about alternative energy possibilities, the sweat battery has communal power. It requires sweat from many people to produce a substantial amount of energy and celebrates energy produced collectively.

We made the batteries out of common items as a way of thinking about energy differently. What are the energy sources we never think about that are right at our own finger tips/coming out of our pores so to say. This sweat battery is constructed using copper nails and epdm rubber left over from sauna construction, paper towels (soaked in donated sweat), activated charcoal, wires, a minty boost circuit from ada fruit, wood or seed tray.