Ecology of Worries – Processing Anxieties with AI - Should we teach a machine to worry for us?
The Promise of FMT – Celebrating the Human Microbiome - Can a poop pill take down antimicrobial resistance?
Infinite Worries Bash – Sharing and Releasing Anxieties from a Distance - Can we experience a collective release virtually?
Surface Tension Map showing freshwater streamflow disturbances with data from USGS Surface Tension — Reflections on Realtime Streamflow - This visualization maps streamflow data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) in real time across the US.
Bashing the electroacoustic piñata Worries Bash — A participatory installation of electroacoustic piñatas - Can the destruction of these interactive worry vessels create space for clarity?
Shareable Biome — Exploring the ecological and cultural needs for a diverse microbiome - The need for a diverse microbiome is for us a potent analogy for the need for cultural diversity among people.
Sweat it Out — Towel Diplomacy in Boston - Letting off steam in Boston using our Mobile Sauna.
Total Jump — training people for a coordinated worldwide jump - Would a worldwide jump precipitate an earthquake or unite humanity across division?
Pink Noise Salon — filtering media overload with the golden ratio of sound - Is emergent pink noise the golden ratio of sound that can filter media overstimulation?
Sweat Battery — Sweat, that would be wasted otherwise, is sublimated into power - Our DS Institute Sweat Battery is used in conjunction with the Mobile Sauna.